How to Sculpt Handmade Figurines Using Clay

Handmade figurines are great gift ideas that are suitable for any occasion and clay provides numerous creative opportunities for handmade sculptures.

Sculpting clay is a fun and cheap way to create a masterpiece. Sculptors of all ages can work with clay and many of them find clay sculpting relaxing and great means of relieving stress. If you want to know the basic of clay forming, you can attend craft classes or search online for instructions.

However, most of the clays sold in the market have substances like artificial dyes that cause allergies. Hence, in order to continue doing the things you love, you can make clays that are easy to make right in your kitchen. For no-cook clay, you will need flour, salt and water. Mix the flour and salt in a bowl and add the water into it gradually while stirring. As soon as dough is formed, knead the clay on a flat surface until there are no air bubbles on the clay. After which, your no-preservative clay is ready. Now you can make your handmade figurines without having to worry for allergies.

In making handmade sculptures, you will need design of your figurine, clay, wire, water, layers of wood or cardboard, blunt knife and kiln.

You start by making a base made of layers of cardboard or wood. This is where your handmade sculptures will stand and will also serve as your working surface. The area of the surface must be wide enough, so that you can sculpt your handmade figurines with ease.

Find a picture of the sculpture you like. It should show clear details of the figurine as this would serve as your visual reference, even if it does not look exactly of the handmade figurines you like.

Create a form of your design using firm, bendable wire. Attach the wire to the base and then bend the wire according to the shape you like. Add wires that will serve as the arms and other essential elements of the handmade sculptures. For the body, it is best to add wires along its body to strengthen the whole handmade figurines.

Add the clay to the form you have created. Add a sufficient amount of clay until the desired form of has come into shape. As soon as the form is visible, add some details and smooth the texture of the handmade figurines.

Add minute details into your handmade sculptures using a blunt knife. Small details should be added in the end of sculpting session.

As soon as you obtained the desired look of the handmade figurines, let it dry. It will usually take days for the clay to dry, but you can make use of a kiln to dry your handmade sculptures faster.

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